Design and Business are Inherently Linked(?)

For a while now, I’ve been saying some form of “Design & Business are inherently linked.” Recently I’ve been having second-thoughts. Aren’t Design & People the actual link? The business aspect feels like a co-opting of design’s positive affect on people. I don’t want to say that business has hijacked design to make it about profit but that’s kind of what I’m saying.

So to that end design and business are linked - it’s just is kind of a shitty link. I think this reenforces how Jared Spool defines design: It’s the rendering of intent. There’s no morality or implied integrity tied to rendering an intent. It just IS. I guess the responsibility always comes back to the renderer.

As I go about my work this week I’m going to try and closely consider my intent. I’ll make a note somewhere on what the intent was behind the thing I’m working on. I’d like to consider many intents and think through their potential results.

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Keaton Taylor is a designer and front-end developer moving through the world asking lots of questions and being wrong about no less than 50% of his ideas at any given time. He is an IC at Apartment Therapy Media and all his thoughts and ideas are his own.